How does it all work?

After we agree on the details of the job, I will request a deposit, which is usually 1/3 of the full payment. You can use PayPal or bank transfer, whichever is more convenient. During the process, we will be working closely together. I'll be sending you daily updates as to how your job's doing, and if you need any changes, we can do that in time.

What kind of jobs do you take?

To put it simply, I make digital artworks in 2D or 3D. I'm available for designing flyers for events, logos for musicians or any kind of company, artwork designs for music releases or press kits, movie posters, etc… The only thing I don't do is video.

Which platform do you use for communication?

We can use Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, or email -- whichever you feel more comfortable with. However, I prefer using Messenger or WhatsApp to facilitate a more direct and efficient communication.

What does an Artwork job include?

In general, Artwork jobs also include several social media assets, such as Instagram story image, or banners and avatars for Facebook, Soundcloud or any other platform you may use. When ordering a logo, I'll provide you with the infinitely scalable vector image, and a high-res backgroundless PNG file.

How much time do you usually need to get work done?

I usually finish jobs between 1-7 work days. If you need them faster, it is possible, for sure.

Can I licence one or more of your existing artworks?

Yes, you can, but not every artwork is available for licencing. For more information, please drop me an email.

Contact Me

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